Halfway through!

6 months into the challenge and still no clothes, shoes, handbags etc.! It’s a shame I haven’t been able to keep this blog up-to-date, but life gets in the way, you know…

However some great things have happened in this last few months!
1. My challenge has inspired someone at work to take it up with her children for 6 months, apparently her husband is very happy about it!!
2. I’ve managed to buy all my Christmas presents without involving fashion, which would always be my go-to product in the past.
3. Although this challenge isn’t solely about saving money, I have managed to save enough in the last 6 months to go to Amsterdam after Christmas!

Now that the Christmas holidays have begun, now I’ll be able to concentrate more on researching companies who produce and/or sell Fair trade, ethically produced or environmentally friendly items. A company that I have already used is Natural Collection. Unfortunately, a few companies I’ve come across only seem to sell in the US. I especially liked The Tote Project who I discovered through @michelleforgood on Instagram. Their products are made by women in India who have come out of the sex trade and 20% of the profits go to a charity called Two Wings. Monkee Genes is an English brand selling ethical jeans. It’s more than I would usually pay but considering the material is ethically sourced and the workers are paid a fair wage, I might just go for it!
On 10th December I volunteered for the Fair Christmas Fayre at The Salvation Army on Oxford Street. This gave me the chance to explore I range of independent sellers who make fair trade, recycled and upcycled products. So find your local market and choose to buy from traders who make their own products with ethically sourced materials.

Please explore the links to see what you think! If anyone has any companies that they would recommend please let me know.


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